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Club Photos

Spring Fundraiser May 2024
Centerpieces by Dee Yount.jpg
Dee Yount.jpg

Centerpieces by Dee Yount

Pat Radocaj, Beverly Shay, Rose McKinnon and Nancy Haramaki

Rosemary Harwood & Joyce Atkinson

Nancy Boyle, Amelia Olson, Barbara Glass

and Rachel Streit

Sheila Driscoll and Donna Snyder

Priscilla Manlove, Linda Garden and Judy Disbrow

Entertainer Roy Bristol

JoAnn Caspar, Dee Yount and Joanne Fry

President Merle Whitburn with Guests

Ann Williams, Carole Temps, Mary Murphree, Pat Lester, Carole Bergum and Joan Bergum

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