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Following on from our May 11th General Meeting, when a quorum of members was present at the meeting,

the present Board Members have all agreed to serve for one more year.              


Co-Presidents:                     Judy Disbrow

                                         & Sheila Driscoll

1st Vice President                 Joan Bergum

Co-2nd VP's                         Linda Garden

                                            Dorothy Bradt

Co-3rd VP's                              Aleta Huck

                                              Judy Disbrow

Recording Sec                      Claudia Gray

Corresponding Sec         Priscilla Manlove

Budget Director                Maggie Gardner

Treasurer                    Rosemary Harwood

Auditor                     Mary Esther Loranger

Parliamentarian               Nancy Domingo

Newsletter Editor           Maggie Gardner 

Website                            Sonia von Heijne


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